Wednesday, 29 October 2008



Met her at cafe nero, harrow,
No name, no age only a picture!!
She meets her friend over a coffe, She feels old only when she looks at her mirror.
She does not feel lonely, she said she is so lucky because her daughter lives 5 min away from her.
So she sees her granddaughter everyday, and helps her daughter a lot.
She is stilling teaching private lessons, and she paints.
She thinks that the brake down of a family is the major issue for loneliness.
And this new generations have to work harder, specially single moms.

WHAT I THINK is that
We should solve the problem (family brake u) from its root!
Loneliness is not a suddent feeling that come to old people in certain age! this feeling was shaped in other ways their lifes due to living without the member of your family, and take the real shape of loneliness when the person is retired.
Elder people prefer to spend time with their own family.

02 - Jeanette Nakhle Ziadeh (LEANON)

Born in 1933 in Rass Beirut. She is the elder in a Lebanese Christian family of two daughters. She got married at the age of 15 and had her first son at the age of 16. By her 23rd year her family was made of four kids, two sons and two daughters. Today, she is 75 years old and has 9 grand children and 3 grand grand children. She became a widow 3 years ago and lives since then in her own house next to her children.

In what area did you excel?
"Being a successful housewife and mother and grand mother. Despite the hard financial situation that marked my life, I used patience and good will to overcome any obstacle."

After reaching the age of 60, did u feel lonely?

"I do feel lonely indeed only after I lost my husband 3 years ago."

Do you find entertainment with elder people like you?
"I prefer the company of my own family rather than spending time with neighbors or friends. I also enjoy spending time alone in my house.

What are your hobbies?

"Housework, reading and praying, watching soap operas and television series, visiting Sunday mass, gardening, baby sitting."

Why did you quit smoking?

"I realized that smoking is harmful to my health at this age so I quitted although I felt it was a step that should have been taken even earlier."

What about your monthly income?
"I survive from my monthly rent revenue as I inherited my parents house in my native village."

How is your health status?

"Comparing to elder from my age, I am healthy and strong and active. I start my day at 5am and eat healthy food avoiding any fat. Nevertheless I have back pain and weak eyes due to an old car accident, but since my children and grand children are always around I worry nothing."

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