Wednesday, 15 October 2008


01 Tarek Atrissi

Born in Beirut, Tarek Atrissi has worked and studied in Lebanon, The Netherlands, Qatar, Dubai and the United States. He Holds a BA in Graphic Design with distinction from the American University of Beirut; a Masters of Arts in Interactive Multimedia from the Utrecht School of the Arts in Holland and an MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York- where he studied under people like Steven Heller, Paula Scher and Stefan Sagmeister.

I have chosen Tarek because I am interested in the Arabic and Latin combination, and since type is on of the designer/s main considerations. So every designer is expected to choose the proper type from an enormous range of available Arabic and Latin types.
Since the visual appearance of typefaces depends to a large extent on the relative measurements of their proportions, Tarek has designed a wide range of Arabic typeface, which are carefully studied.

02 Si Scott

I have chosen Si Scott because I like ornaments, swirling, wet, flourished typographic illustration, and he is an extraordinaire typographic illustrator. I think he is a trick typographer with a really distinctive style.

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HONA said...

Hi Rela
thank you for your interesting design choose i really like Si Scott work specially the first one he has really good skills in illustration but i liked the way he had used photography as a background support, I have to admit its a clever Idea! how ever his own layouts in his poster designs are really working so over all we can say its a really good poster because its communicating really well.

thanks for your nice post :*