Thursday, 13 November 2008

100 words (i mean 200) for my RSA project!

old people= Larry
young people=Steve

Designing a service, a set of interaction for the elder group in society that is likely to be outside my immediate and everyday experience, that helps giving them a sense of purpose, build relationships, & improving their health and wellbeing.

Will mainly concentrate on bridging the generational gap which is a very important factor, since the model of extended family living together has now almost vanished in the United Kingdom. In fact increased mobility makes it is less likely that generations of the same family will even live in the same geographical area.
The weakening of these ties results in "Larry" and more vulnerable people in particular, falling outside the care and responsibility of their families.

Designing a service that will bring
"Larry" and "Steve" together. And ME as a Lebanese, living in an environment which provide another perspective; more or less a greater poverty levels, but still having a strong family & Religious support and networks, so ME will create a service “get together” which will get "Larry" and "Steve" involved!

What is important in this set of interactions is an exchange for both groups. Will provide a comfortable environment for
"Larry", and will get to "Steve" the chance of giving, helping, making someone happy, knowing much better about "Larry's" daily experiences, what will hopefully lead him to appreciate the family connections.

This service will not only help bridging the generational gap, and build relationships for lonely
"Larry", but also gets the family together by making "Steve" involved in familial events.

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Amanda said...

Your 200 words definitely help clarify your aims, family ties and bridging the generation gap. BUT how do you tend to do this???? Are you suggesting a method of bring people together? Online or face to face. Or a vehicle to share experience and exchange knowledge???