Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The V&A and the Design Museum visit

For me going to new places is enough to be exposed to new visuals and new perspectives. and these two were quit inspiring in terms of historical knowledge, which is a necessity for designers to have. The V&A was massively informative; exploring how the politics of the Cold War shaped architecture and design. Reassessing ‘classic’ designs and introducing many little- known objects, this is an original perspective on an era of high tension and creativity.

These are some of my favorite:

Poster: Glory to Soviet Science! Glory to a Soviet Man - the First Cosmonaut!

Poster: Hail to the Red Army - Protectors of the new world

Poster: The police Speak to you every evening at 8pm

Poster: we Will win, venceremos Printed student Poster Mexico, about 1970

Poster: Stop nuclear suicide F.H.K Henrion, issued by the CND Britian, 1963

Storyboard for the bomb release sequence: in Dr Strangelove kenneth Adam (born 1921)

Poster: Olivietti 'Lexikon' Giovanni Pintori, (born 1912) Colour offset print. Designed for Olivetti Spa, Ivrea Italy, 1953.

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