Friday, 28 November 2008

Finalising the executive summary RSA

old people = Larry
young people =Steve

Nowadays, we expect that many people can live beyond 85 years of age than ever before, but social isolation and loneliness amongst this group is emerging as one of the major issues facing society.
Designing a service, a set of interaction for the elderly group in society that is likely to be outside my immediate and everyday experience, that helps giving them a sense of purpose, build relationships, & improving their health and well-being.

Based on my research, I realized that elderly living happily are those who still have daily contact with their family. So I will mainly concentrate on bridging the generational gap which is a very important factor, since the model of extended family living together has now almost vanished in the United Kingdom. In fact increased mobility makes it is less likely that generations of the same family will even live in the same geographical area.
The weakening of these ties results in "Larry" and more vulnerable people in particular, falling outside the care and responsibility of their families.

And ME as a Lebanese, living in an environment which provide another perspective; more or less a greater poverty levels, but still having a strong family & Religious support and networks, so ME will create a service “get together” which will bring "Larry" and "Steve" together and get them both involved! By using Steve’s energy for Larry’s daily need so it will be an exchange for both groups:

Steve will help Larry in:
going out, attending other service’s events, shopping, gardening, helping in his daily house work, having company(providing enjoyment and friendship), and in having a comfortable environment.
Larry will help Steve in:
>having a clear vision on the elderly' daily experiences, and the difficulties of being in this social group, what brings "Steve" to think more of his own parents what will hopefully lead him to appreciate the family connections, (solving the problem from its roots; the brake down of a family). And since "Larry" is a mine of information and experiences, "Steve" will be getting advices and listening to precious stories.

This will provide a comfortable environment for "Larry", and will get to "Steve" the chance of giving, helping, making someone happy, knowing much better about "Larry's" daily experiences.

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Mary Anne said...

This is a strong message here. I LOVE the 'get together' idea and looking at the two characters, Larry and Steve in a story campaign is very intriguing! I want to know more!!!

Good work. I love the energy from your sketches thus far.